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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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We could also say that the queen was invented by the Collective to try and specifically deal with Humanity... or at least use her as a 'test run' (one that would end with 'Endgame' - I kinda like the thought that the Collective decided to never create a 'queen' again because it was essentially one giant failure of an experiment).

But the Hanson's and Starfleet knew all about the Queen well before Picard ran into his first cube, by a decade at least!

Humanity had nothing to do with her "invention".

"Fictional Character"?

That's quitters talk lobes.

Besides, I framed my bollocks by saying "retroactively" which I really really didn't have to do.

Haven't you read 1984?
Ah... but the Queen was first seen in FC.
The debris from the sphere which traveled back in time were recovered by SF in Archer's time.
Therefore, the queen could have been made after the Collective received the transmission from the drones in 'regeneration'.
The Borg going back in time created at least two recognizably different timelines, that we saw, one where the earth had been assimilated 300 years earlier from Picards perspective, and second where the Queen got her ass kicked after Picard followed followed her into the past like a love sick school boy to pull her pigtails.

Clearly one resultant universe from the their timetravel botchjob was preferable to the other, but if one result of the Borg playing god with time births a monumentally different new universe, then any changes they made to the past, no matter how slight, would always create a new universe no matter how almost exactly the same and familiar that new universe may seem, when using the same technology during the same story, because we have to consider at the bare minimum that level of consistency with these "people" don't hate themselves.

To wit there was no assured destiny from their fiddling which means that there was no predestiny to their fiddling, and more importantly, if the Borg had gotten tech upgrades to their current degree of sophistication, it would be redundant as well as obviously suicidal and unnecessary to double on giving their juniors a the same information all over again since obviously...

It's not like regular universe Picard felt compelled to send Tasha Yar's Corpse back in time to a Romulan prison camp to assure that Sela Year was born.


You know who would have made a fantastic Borg Queen in that movie, that would have made the fanboys do a Mexican wave in the theatre and damn the consequences?

Jennifer Sisko.
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