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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

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As I've said before - I didn't particularly like Janeway - character, writing or casting. Kirsten Beyer is doing a great job with the books without her, which are imho much better than the actual series ever was. Janeway may well return in Treklit at some point - I think it is very likely but I rather hope not. That's not really the point.

While I am probably in a minority definitely not wanting her back, there really are quite a lot on here who really don't care either way as long as the books are good. A petition is pretty pointless, and may not be very well supported anyway.

S & S will do what they plan to do...
I respectfully disagree and not just because I adore Janeway and she's one of my childhood heroes. Simply put, Janeway is one of the few characters that could not be thrown out to still have Voyager work. Kirsten Beyer is doing a good job w/o Janeway and honestly, the books have continued better than I originally thought they would however, Janeway was the unifying presence for the Voyager crew. No character can replace her presence or dynamic. The books since her demise in some ways read like it's a large away mission and we're waiting for her to magically appear on the next page. There is a feeling of a lost element and that element is Janeway. No Janeway= no Voyager.

I've talked to others who didn't care for Mulgrew's performance. I adore her as well. But all I can say is look as Ms. Bujold's work (the original casted Janeway) and I think you may appreciate Mulgrew a little.
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