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Re: Does It Get Better???

I hated "Inititations", I just found it ungodly boring but then I haven't rewatched it since I first saw it so maybe I need to.

Nice to see you couldn't keep away from Voyager Admiralscreed, I was the same when watching through the shows!

Regarding Basics - I felt it was a mediocre two parter with the second part really dragging Part I down.
I liked Part I - there was some mystery there and I absolutely loved the reveal when the computer tells Janeway the self-destruct sequence is offline due to the damage to the secondary command processors, Seska really outwitted them there.
As for Part II - didn't like the whole crewman vs primitive aliens stuff there either, and found the conclusion to be rushed which it pretty much was since Michael Piller had been jettisoned and everyone just wanted the Kazon arc to be over.
I thought it was pretty inexcusable that Seska was killed via exploding console and didn't even get any last words to Chakotay or anyone else for that matter.

Oh well onwards and downwards into season 3!
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