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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

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1. Nog, in speaking of whom his father married, describes Leeta as "some Dabo girl". Leeta hasn't been a Dabo girl and has been married to his father for 9 years at this point, and is also effectively something akin to the king's consort for the Grand Nagus of his entire race! Are we to believe that Nog's perspective on Leeta has not changed at all due to any of that?
I am biased, because I really liked this novel, (hint for anyone following this newbie's posts: I've liked almost every Star Trek novel I've read, though some have aged better than others), but could you remind me of when this event occurred? Because it sounds like it was Nog just generally trying to minimize his parents' importance

Also, when it comes down to it, wasn't Leeta ultimately just "some Dabo girl" in terms of what the rest of society saw her as? (And therefore how Nog would depict her to a stranger?) Aside from some activism on Ferenginar (which I somehow get the sense Nog would feel a little... awkward discussing. Although I suppose we don't really know too much about Nog's politics, now that I think about it...), I don't know of any major contributions Leeta made that would give Nog something else to describe her with.

And it could just be that he was emphasizing her humble beginnings.

Of course, I'm drawing on a single memory from a while ago, and I could be misinterpreting USS Triumphant's quote entirely...

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