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Re: Does It Get Better???

I changed my mind and decided to watch Voyager instead of the blu rays I got for Christmas.

Resolutions: It was obvious from the beginning that they were going to find a cure for Janeway and Chakotay, so that made the rest of the episode rather predictable. I did like seeing Tuvok as the captain of Voyager, and I like the way he stood his ground against Kim and the rest of the crew. He really shouldn't have listened to them and contacted the Vidiians; from a story standpoint it was necessary because the show couldn't have gone on without Janeway and Chakotay, but if you look at the risk in contacting the Vidiians it was pretty damn stupid for Tuvok to rendezvous with them. I don't have much more to say about this one, other than it had its good moments.

Basics Part 1: Another excellent episode in the Kazon arc! This time around we see the crew of Voyager deceived by the Kazon and stranded on an alien planet. This episode had some really exciting plot twists, plenty of good action, a terrific cliffhanger, and also a few funny moments (the Doctor in space! ). I'm also happy that they revisited Suder. I was happy to see that he was making progress.
A very, very solid episode, and a terrific way to end season 2.

Basics Part 2: An extremely satisfying end to the Kazon arc, and a marvelous episode in its own right. This episode succeeded in every way possible. Seeing the Starfleet/Maquis officers make peace with the primitive tribe at the end was wonderful. The Doctor and Suder's sabotage of Voyager was exciting and Suder's death saving the ship was tragic. And on top of all that this was a very consequential episode; Seska died, Suder died, Voyager was retaken, and the Kazon arc came to a conclusion.
All in all, this is probably the best Star Trek season premiere I have ever watched, and it is at this point in time my favorite episode of Voyager.

I've gotta say, Voyager has REALLY improved. Right now I'm enjoying this show as much as I enjoyed TNG and DS9 when I first saw them.
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