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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

Just finished IFM, and with all respect to Lonemagpie and the others who expressed opinions here, I am having serious trouble understanding the positive outcome of the polling for this book. I mean, don't get me wrong - I read the whole thing, which means there were some good things about it. Mostly the epic levels of fanwankery - which, ironically, were also a good bit of the book's problem, because there was too much and some of it was done really badly.

I don't want to spoil the book for others to cite examples, so I will just cite two that epitomize what I see as problematical, while trying to be as unspoiler-y for anyone who hasn't read the book as possible:

1. Nog, in speaking of whom his father married, describes Leeta as "some Dabo girl". Leeta hasn't been a Dabo girl and has been married to his father for 9 years at this point, and is also effectively something akin to the king's consort for the Grand Nagus of his entire race! Are we to believe that Nog's perspective on Leeta has not changed at all due to any of that?

2. The Romulan Star Empire is, well, an empire - and yet, out of all of the probably at least tens of billions of inhabitants of that empire, one specific individual (you know who I'm talking about if you've read the book) just happens to end up involved in the book's goings-on? Really? REALLY?! Even though the ship they were on ended up there at random and out of control, while the (non-fan-service) character specifically introduced to actually have a reason to be there doesn't even show up? REALLY?

It was a fun read, I'll give it that. But it is WAY too fan-wankish to take seriously, and, the first book I have read in quite some time to make me stop reading in the middle of a page, pull the book back, and roll my eyes at the wall in front of me, because of something that happened in it.
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