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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

201. Capitalism: A Love Story (B-)

This isn't Michael Moore's best effort, but it's still a watchable documentary. The film's deepest flaw is that it bounces from vignette to vignette, but has difficulty maintaining a strong line of argument. Still, I'm a little surprised that critics thought the movie's only solution to the problems of capitalism was a vaguely defined notion of "democracy." That does come up during the finale (which is rather weak, honestly, especially in light of the occupy protests, which have been undisciplined and ineffective), but Moore is presenting a much broader argument in favor of government intervention and regulation that is clear throughout the movie. In addition, it doesn't speak very positively about the United States that even Michael Moore, about as visible a figurehead as the left has in this country outside of government, can only obliquely engage with ideas of socialism.

The weakest part of the movie, though, are Moore's stunts, which aren't as funny or effective as ones from his previous documentaries. Moore's trademark humor is still here, but sometimes it's hard to laugh when the subject matter is so dark. Hopefully, in the future, he tackles a smaller and more personal subject matter (like he did in Bowling for Columbine and Roger & Me) rather than making another broad and unfocused documentary like this one.
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