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Re: Bring Back Kathryn Janeway to the Voyager books! Online Petition!

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As you may know, the novel-verse books have written that Admiral Janeway was "killed" in The Next Generation novel, "Before Dishonor" and according to those in charge of Pocket Books, the company, which produces all the different Star Trek books, she will remain dead.
That's an untrue statement. The person in charge of Pocket Books would be that division's vice president and publisher, Louise Burke, and she has never made any such statement as far as I know. Pocket (along with its sister imprint Gallery Books) publishes a wide range of different works of which Star Trek tie-ins are just one small segment.

If by "those in charge" you mean the editors in charge of determining the events of the books, that's still an untrue statement (even aside from the inaccurate assumption that editors are in charge of the publishing company that employs them). The editor responsible for choosing to kill off Janeway, Margaret Clark, has only posted here on the subject twice as far as the TrekBBS search engine can determine. On March 3, 2009, she said the following:
MargaretClark wrote: View Post
Strange that everyone seems to "know" what I've said and what is planned...and I haven't posted a single comment. (except this one)

Ah...the Internet.
And on May 22, 2009, she said the following:
MargaretClark wrote: View Post
I'm going to add just one thing...Janeway is seen going off with a Q in Before Dishonor.

The last person we "saw" doing this was Vash...and she's clearly not dead.
So Margaret certainly wasn't saying that Janeway would definitively remain dead. And the editors who've succeeded her at Pocket don't post online, so they haven't said anything about it one way or the other.

As far as I'm aware, the only people affiliated with Pocket who've discussed the question of Janeway's fate in public have been freelance Trek novelists, including myself. Our comments about whether Janeway should stay dead or not have been expressions of our own personal opinions. It would be a grave mistake to assume that any of us are "in charge" of the publishing company that contracts us on a book-by-book basis, or that our preferences represent the official policy of Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.

They would not have even considered treating Kirk, Picard, Sisko, or any other male character so poorly.
Considering that the decision to kill off Janeway was made by a female editor, that is a ridiculous and unjustified accusation. It's also easily disprovable. In this recent post I did an overview of canonical Trek characters who've been killed off in Trek literature, and determined that a clear majority of them are male.

Also you seem to be forgetting that James Kirk was killed off canonically over 17 years ago, and a lot of people felt he was treated poorly. There are also a number of readers who have felt that Picard was treated poorly in Destiny or that Sisko was treated poorly in Rough Beasts of Empire (though of course neither was killed).
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