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Bring Back Kathryn Janeway to the Voyager books! Online Petition!


I am writing tonight because I am a member of a Facebook group called "Bring Back Janeway".

As you may know, the novel-verse books have written that Admiral Janeway was "killed" in The Next Generation novel, "Before Dishonor" and according to those in charge of Pocket Books, the company, which produces all the different Star Trek books, she will remain dead. However, in the book she was saved by one of the Q and taken into the Continuum, thus she isn't really dead.

I, and others in the group have created a new online petition in support of the effort to convince the publishers and authors of the book series to bring Admiral Janeway back to the books, as we believe that her story is far from over!

We are posting here, in hopes that other fans of Star Trek: Voyager and of Admiral Kathryn Janeway will speak out and support this new effort to right a wrong..

The new online petition sends an email to Pocket Books / Simon & Schuster with each signature gained in support of returning the character Admiral Kathryn Janeway to the Voyager novel-verse.

Help make some noise! Sign the petition to tell Pocket Books / Simon & Schuster that we want Admiral Janeway returned to the Star Trek: Voyager novel-verse! They would not have even considered treating Kirk, Picard, Sisko, or any other male character so poorly.. Sign the petition and help us make some noise! It takes less than a minute of your time and every signature helps!

Also, visit these sites to learn more about our efforts and ways you can help!

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