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Re: ENT actors' upcoming shows (TV, stage, film)

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Dominic Keating known to us as Major Malcom Reed has a small role as Luther a member of an Irish outlaw motorcycle gang in the third season of the FX series "Sons of Anarchy".
I like him scruffy looking.
Watch it on Hulu.

2 Episodes : Lochan Mor (2010)
- Turas (2010)
He had a couple of good hero moments in that first appearance. Also, I never knew his character was named. Given that and the state of SAMBEL after season 3, dude could've been elevated to president of that chapter as a result, for all we know. So maybe we'll see him return with a larger presence somewhere down the road.

...a British character in an Irish chapter of an American MC with IRA connections was a little odd, though.
Jesus H, he didn't do that godawful 'Oirish' accent that he did in Heroes, did he?
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