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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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^ Someone pissed you off?
If someone had pissed him off, mate. He would've bought a gun. A knife is rude, messy and its a pain to wash out the stains.

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Bought a bunch of groceries. And much to me horror, wait for it...halal meat! I didnt realize until I saw the receipt.
Lets just say that the tension between christians/jews and muslims is at an all time high over here. And they tend to raise hell when they can't find halal meat, therefore we christians do the same when a store only sells halal meat. Its become a running joke over here.

Basically, its the same thing as kosher, expect for the name. Technically there is nothing wrong with it, i just don't eat halal meat out of spite.
I find it extremely satisfying watching Jehovah's Witnesses through my window. After all, it takes an RFID lock, a titanium enhanced fireproof door and bullet-resistant glass to keep them out of the building.
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