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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

It's been suggested that Denzel Washington would be good as Tuvok's father....

For now, I'll focus more on Section 31. When I saw the fourth season of 24, I found myself thinking that Alberta Watson (who plays the CTU director with the schizophrenic daughter) would play a solid L'Hann. A firm leader with a rather dark soul....

For Vasily Zeitsev (the Director Worf encountered in A Time To Kill, who works with L'Hann to take down Zife in A Time To Heal)--Hugo Weaving. I think he gave a solid performance as the villain in Captain America--German accent and all. I think, were he to put on a Russian accent, he would be similarly superb as Zeitsev.

I'm unsure who to cast as Cole...he's not as appealing to me, somehow, as L'Hann and Zeitsev are. For now, I'd say Danny Huston (see: his performance as Stryker in the Wolverine film).
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