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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

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I assume you mean the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 & GH2.
(To further complicate matters, I've noticed that the sound of the slate clap almost never actually occurs on the same frame as the image of the slate closing. Why this is I don't know, but when step through the footage I find the sound happens a few frames before.)
That's interesting. Only explanation I can think of is that the sound actually begins when (ahem) first contact is made, vs when the slate finished closing?
The slate is also important because it also holds the reel/card #, the shot # and the take, and if the files get renamed or there's some other problem, you can always look at the slate.
Very true. I don't have a tablet myself, but I've heard really great things about the slate app for the iPad. It does timecodes and should have that pesky problem you mentioned above.
On another note, and maybe you've mentioned it, but it's best also to read all that info that's on the slate out loud, for the same reasons you mentioned, if file names get mixed up etc.

I'm a tad confused by this comment because we were discussing not having excessive detail in the script, period. You DON'T want to put excess detail into a shooting script.
Sure not excess detail, but my shooting scripts include notes and, when important, camera angles and definitely always a shot list. Like this:

Also GoFundMe, which doesn't require you to reach your goal in order to get any the monies pledged.
Hadn't heard of that one, thanks Although I do go back and forth on the whole "all or nothing" vs "keep what you raise" debate.
Just a heads up, too, there's some legislation in the US congress right now that is going to have a big impact on crowdfunding, one significant statute is that donors who pledge 10,000 or more must be considered investors and you must file paperwork accordingly. That would probably not effect fan films with small budgets, but what will is the rule that you're going to need to raise at least 60% in order to keep any funds. (If the bill gets signed into law, that is )

On another note, I'd like to give a shout-out/plug to a filmmaker friend who's production company puts out a lot of great free resources for indie filmmakers.
He's got a lot of the documents you'll need like location and talent releases, breakdown sheets, etc; video clips of things you'll need if you need to make something broadcast ready (like SMPTE bars and tones); and also a film tips show called Framelines (which you can also catch on public tv if you're in Ohio and a couple other midwestern states.)

Ok, I think I've rambled enough. Thanks for putting up with me
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