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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Defending the Alpha Quadrant isn't an easy task. With the Cardassians on one side; the Ferengi, Breen, and Tzenkethi on another; and the whole of the Federation in the middle.

If you are:

- an imaginative and/or experienced writer
- looking for a unique challenge
- a lover of RPGs and character interaction
- a collaborative plotter of evil


The USS Scorpio, a prometheus class starship in Bravo Fleet's Task Force 72 Alpha, needs YOU to help defend the homefront and safeguard the very heart of the United Federation of Planets! Based upon the design of the Intrepid Class Ship, it has the ability to seperate into 3 sections during combat with it's Multi-Vector Assault Mode in order to take on larger or multiple adversaries.

The USS Scorpio explores and defends the Federation/Breen boarder of the Alpha Quadrant. Tensions remain high with this largely unknown race, and danger lurks within every turn. The USS Scorpio is the first line of defense, protecting the Federation from a race largely viewed as pirates and mercenaries.

We are a Play By Forum/Play By Bulletin Board Simm.

There are many positions available ranging from the Senior Staff Positions to the Junior Staff Positions, all the way to down to just crewman positions. So it doesn't matter how much or how little responsibility you want, there is one that I'm sure will suit you.

Come view and/or apply for the USS Scorpio at for a full look at what we are all about. I look forward to having you as a member of the crew.

Or you can contact me at the following:
AIM - spellmaster0481
YIM - flammerboi21
Email -

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