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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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Angel and Faith #5 was something surprising. I thought we were in for a dud with Harmony returning but this was a fun issue. The art was surprisingly fun as well. Angel continues to be on a singular path which I predict is not going to end well. Faith's concern and hesitation continues to be ever present. Clem was awesome in this issue, always nice to see old characters from the past return. There were some funny lines as well. Both books are going in the right direction now.
What do you think about the explanation about Angel's intentions as Twilight? It retcons #35, and fans on BF and Whedonesque have been split over whether it's an attempt at whitewashing his actions. I think it's just an attempt to make more sense of his motivations and characterization during season 8, but I don't think it whitewashes him at all. So he wasn't willing to let everyone in the world die while he lived with Buffy in a paradise for two (which answers the "what about Connor?" question), but instead he wanted to play God and decide who gets to live in 'paradise' and who gets to perish? That's really not any better.
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