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Re: Does It Get Better???

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It's pretty damning that other shows can get away with similar arcs without anyone batting an eyelash:

1) In NuBSG no one cares that the Cylons kept showing up even though Galactica's method of FTL put even more distance between them and the Cylons than VOY's Warp Drive did for them and the Kazon.

2) In Farscape no one cares the Peacekeepers kept showing up.

But in VOY, if ANY aliens species showed up more than once of twice there was Hell to pay.
This is another one of those ANWAR misses a key point of the plot comments

On both Farscape and BSG the Cylons and the Peacekeepers were FOLLOWING the protagonists. The Cylons were actively hunting down the Galactica...that was you know, THE POINT. Similarly, the whole point of Farscape was that the crew of Moya were WANTED.

At no point on Voyager was it ever stated that the Kazon were following the ship. Had the done so and given a valid reason for that no one would complain.
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