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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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Guinan didnt lie. Shes a fictional character, and when Q-Who was being written the borg were different than what they eventually became. Why people insist on looking at this stuff like its real is beyond me.
We could also say that the queen was invented by the Collective to try and specifically deal with Humanity... or at least use her as a 'test run' (one that would end with 'Endgame' - I kinda like the thought that the Collective decided to never create a 'queen' again because it was essentially one giant failure of an experiment).

But the Hanson's and Starfleet knew all about the Queen well before Picard ran into his first cube, by a decade at least!

Humanity had nothing to do with her "invention".

"Fictional Character"?

That's quitters talk lobes.

Besides, I framed my bollocks by saying "retroactively" which I really really didn't have to do.

Haven't you read 1984?
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