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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

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Actually in following this thread this year I have to wonder how the heck you guys have so much time to watch movies. I mean this is the 26th movie I've seen this year (Other than maybe clips of movies I see on TV/HBO) and you guys watch like 200-500 movies. That's a lot of movies.
My tally is going to be 111-113 depending on what time I make available in these closing days but even with my total there are some that have doubled me. I do laundry about once every 3 weeks so I have 5-6 loads to fold. Ergo I can watch about 2 movies while I do this. Still that's just on a three week cycle. I don't watch broadcast TV with any regularity. I only make time for about 2 shows The Office and Big Bang Theory. So, when I come home I watch a Netflix streaming or disc. I could've watched more movies but I alternate my viewing with TV shows on DVD. I've watched all of nuBSG, Farscape, TruCalling, Castle S1, Vampire Dairies to date, 5-6 Animated cartoon shows this year as well. Also have rewatched a number of movies that I just love. Otherwise I'm sure my total would be well past 150 for sure.
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