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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

I haven't finished reading the thread yet, and so far you guys are giving out good beginner advice. I just wanted to add a couple tips if that's cool

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Every film project I've worked on in the past 366 days (Polaris, a short film and four music vidoes) have all been shot on Canon Digital SLRs of one stripe or another.
For the price you can't beat 'em. And Canon does have the market cornered. But, while technically not DSLRs, the GH1 and GH2 have been producing amazing results, and have a lot more filmmaker friendly options when hacked. I usually rent but if I were going to buy a rig for under or around 2 grand, it would probably include the GH1/2.

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Good points, MikeH92467. More on the subject of...

Number of Mics
One mic often isn't enough. Sometimes you need two mics to get all the sound in a shot, particularly if you have a scene where actors are far apart in the frame and there's overlapping dialogue.
Don't forget the type of mic. As a general rule of thumb, you're going to want a cardioid condensor mic for indoors and a shotgun mic for outdoors. A shotgun indoors is one of the things that will give you that horrible distorted roomy noise due to the narrow pickup pattern.

The Slate Clap
A lot of people don't realize how important this is. That clap sound helps you sync or resync audio to picture if you don't have a slate that generates timecode. It's particularly important if you're shooting separate sound, as you don't want to be manually trying to sync sound to picture in me.
One of the nice things about digital vs. film is that the camera is still recording audio which you can then use as a scratch track to align the wave forms when you're editing. This means that you can get away without using a professional clapper board and just have someone clap their hands on screen.

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Also note the black sound blankets hanging from the ceiling to help deaden echoes.
For better results, pleat the sound blankets when you hang them. It means a lot more blankets but it absorbs significantly more sound.

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It's fine to give flavor, but to describe a shot in excessive detail is pointless as anyone who's ever been on set can tell you.
Yep. Leave camera directions and other production notes for the shooting script.

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One thing I would like to ask of the fanfilm producers who have done this before, is how do I go about setting up a website that can be capable of accepting PayPal donations towards our production and the like? I know how to start a regular free webforum, but both Alex and myself would really like to get a donation feature set up for "Battlestar Urantia", and I just don't know how to set that up myself. Anyone have any guidance on this issue?
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