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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

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Why are you people still at it? :Cardie:
We are still at it because that is the way you get what you want. You Don't Give Up, period. I've been doing this three or four years now, I will never give up. It took us ten years to get the original Star Trek back but we did and we will get this.

This is going to happen, you can bet on it.
First of all, Yes, you are entitled to your own opinion. Also, I did not care for Janeway's demise (at least how she died) in the novels from what I've heard.

But for years, trekkies had complained about the "red-shirt" sydrome where they would kill off characters we don't know. They did this to Carey on Voyager to stop killing off one-time characters while entire senior staff survives the trip home.

One of these days, they should be free to kill off a Captain if it is well written. I suppose people would be cheering if they killed off Harry Kim or somehow have Neelix suffer a horrible death.

I remember how the novels used to be written with their own canon when I was a kid. I think some of those novels were better back then. I think one should be free to write a novel where Janeway never got on that Borg cube with permission from Paramount without being consistent with other novels.

Plus there are too many issues out there that needs attention than a fictional character in a novel. I'm willing to bet that most trekkies (most of them are casual or a bit more than that) aren't aware of Janeway's death in the novels.

And I don't think this is the same as brining back the TOS cast for the movies.Those actors are real and a whole bunch of people liked seeing them together. Novels is a different matter. There are too many problems and petitions that require more attention than this. This is not worth 10 years. Civil rights, attention to better medical treatments, or safety issues in buildings and things like that...sure. But not a fictional character in a novels that most people don't know about.

I've personally never understood why some people have such a hard time dealing with the death of FICTIONAL characters. It just seems odd to me. The obsession of the Janeway Jihadis is just strange. The caracter is dead in ONE version of Trek...and one that they constantly remind us is NOT canon. So why the obsession? Just read something else where she is alive. Instead of demanding that she be resurrected, why not simply demand that the publisher release books that take place during the 7 years in the Delta Quadrant. There is simply no need to bring her back when as a fictional character they can just tell more stories about her set prior to her death. Plenty of people are enjoying the post Janeway Voyager stories. Why ruin it for them?

See what I've observed is that there is a core group of people that are so obsessed with this character that they cannot fathom that there are people that are enjoying the story without her. Its worth noting again that Janeway is still a blight on the STO universe and is alive and kicking in lots of fan fiction. For all we know she is annoying people in the 24th Century of the JJverse. So why MUST she be in TrekLit as well. Why can't that be the one place where she is not alive?

If Kate Mulgrew wants to come along and do her own version of the 24th Century with Janeway as reigning empress of the universe, I'm sure the publishers would give her her own line so that it did not intersect with the mainline of novels (just as they've done with Shatner). But I suspect that this would not satisfy the Jihadis either.
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