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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

199. Win Win (B)
200. The Beaver (B)

Win Win: A solid effort from writer-director Tom McCarthy, this movie (which is about an unsuccessful lawyer who coaches a wrestling team) works thanks to the actors involved, especially Paul Giamatti and Amy Ryan. The only real weak link is the child actor who plays a teenager that unexpectedly comes into the life of Giamatti's character -- and he's still okay.

The Beaver: It's a shame that Mel Gibson is a racist asshole, because this film (directed by Jodie Foster, who also co-stars) is rather good, as is his performance. But, due to his shenanigans off the screen, it never found an audience (it probably didn't help that the movie was advertised as a comedy, but is actually much darker than the trailers suggest). Anton Yelchin is good as Gibson's oldest son, although Foster doesn't leave much of an impression as his wife (still, her direction is excellent; hopefully she gets to direct another movie without Gibson's baggage soon). A couple of scenes don't reach the notes their aiming for (Foster, like many actor-directors, isn't particularly good at directing herself), but for the most part it works.

Also, the objections that appeared on this site a year ago about how a psychiatrist would never suggest the "treatment" pursued in the movie are clearly addressed in the movie. To be brief, Gibson's character of Walter Black makes it all up to cope with his depression; no doctor is involved.
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