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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

[QUOTE=Noname Given;5489248


They just log in and play the game, and take any changes as they come because most don't wprry about the best gear or min/max character bulds; they just log in to play/chat with friends and play.


Sorry, I haven't learned to properly trim quotes yet...

A group of my daughter's friends from Pixie Hollow have started hanging out together in STO. If you see a large pack of Caitians holding mock battles, that would be them. They also hold their meetings at the Captain's Table (which is largely ignored by most STO players). As more people migrate to STO in the near future, I expect to see a lot more role-playing and social interaction going on.

I was on last night and someone made the comment that once STO goes F2P, that the chat channel would be flooded to the point of being unusable.
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