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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Hope everyone had a brill Christmas/other denomonational holiday!

The Jem'Hadar is excellent at building up the tension. We're slowly introduced to what they are and how bad they are, and then the rug is pulled from under us with Eris at the end. I sort of miss her VORTA SUPERPOWERS!, but it's fine that they didn't go down that route. Was it too comic book-y, perhaps? Which would be odd considering some of places the show would later go to.

I loved how Sisko and Quark had to spend time together too. Sure it a lot of it was enforced, but the pair came to have more respect for each other by the episode's end. Jake and Nog together is always fun, and it's these great character moments that help to give the episode life beyond the incessant portents of Dominion doom.

At the time I watched I knew that big things were in store. I was sort of getting used to the idea of TNG and the Ent-D. For those who can't remember, or don't care enough to remember, I was only just into new (for the time!) Trek. By now I'd watched most of season two of DS9, most of season seven of TNG, which had then returned to season one. I dutifully watched it, as back then I was watching anything Trek related.

I was into Trek just enough to know that when the Jemmies downed a Galaxy class ship, I was very shocked. They really meant business. It was a great end to the season, and the end of an impressive run of very good episodes. I was pretty excited for the next season!

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