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Re: "The Voyager Conspiracy" Line by Line

JANEWAY: Of course you don't. Anything I say gets woven into your paranoid conspiracies. But you should believe me, Seven, because I've never lied to you, and I'm not lying to you now. You have to put your doubts aside and trust me. Stardate 51030, Seven of Nine is severed from the hive mind. The Captain tells her not to resist, that she'll learn to accept her humanity. Seven complies, and slowly begins to embrace her individuality. Does she regret that decision? Stardate 51652, the Captain encourages Seven to develop her social skills. Seven insists it's a waste of time, but after further requests she pursues it and begins to develop her first human friendships. Did Janeway lead her astray? Stardate 52840, the Captain orders Seven to study her parents' journals. Seven claims they're irrelevant, but eventually she reads them and rediscovers part of her own past. Stardate 52841, for the first time, Seven tells the Captain thank you
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