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Re: "The Voyager Conspiracy" Line by Line

SEVEN: Me. Stardate 32611, the Federation sends my parents to study the Borg Collective. They know my family will be assimilated. That was their intention. Stardate 48317, Voyager is sent to the Delta quadrant with orders to retrieve me. When they reach Borg space Captain Janeway negotiates an alliance with the Collective in exchange for information regarding species 8472. They agree to give her Seven of Nine. Stardate 51030, Janeway extracts the implants from my body to remove any knowledge I have of her agreement with the Borg. Stardate 53329, Captain Janeway finalizes plans to use the catapult to deliver Seven of Nine to the Alpha quadrant, where Starfleet will dissect and analyse the drone to gather tactical data to fight the Borg. I won't allow you to complete your mission. If necessary I'll destroy the catapult, and myself.
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