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Re: Buffy TVS to be (ugh) Rebooted

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I'm normally open minded about remakes. I will take to a remake, provided it is well done. I'm a fan of the original BSG, LOVED RDM's take, await Blood and Chrome, and also look forward to Singer's more "faithful" version.

Trek fan from WAY back, and LOVED JJ Abram's film.

My trouble with this (now thankfully dead) Buffy product is this. We know what on the cheap Buffy looks like. We have the first film. It was Joss' series and his wonderful toolbox of amazing supporting characters and layered storytelling that gave that franchise any real value.

Now...If I thought TPTB cared about the franchise and were going to do their best to give us a story worthy of the franchise and the fans, now and in the future, I'd excited. When I heard of the possible David Yates Doctor Who film, I was and am excited, despite the idea that it will be it's own continuity. It sounded like they still want to take what makes Who unique and craft a good story out of it, with people who care and know how to tell stories.

I got no such vibe from this "Buffy" project.

DOA, and deservedly so.
Amen all round.
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