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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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For such a little homage though, it sure has folks on the official forums up in a tizzy. Those cats can't even be happy with free stuff.
I was surprised that many players were not aware of the bat'leths and lirpas. I felt obligated to traumatize a few characters in ESD and Qo'noS with a whirling light show. (hitting the strike keys rapidly can produce some spectacular weapon flourishes)

People that expect free stuff all the time are rarely happy. I predict that you'll see the climate change considerably on STO when it goes F2P.
One thing many players who rountinely frequest the STO web site and Forums for info don't realize is:

Beyond creating their account and registering; the MAJORITY of players don't check back with the Web site or the official forums - and often don't even read the posted patch notes after a patch. They just log in and play the game, and take any changes as they come because most don't wprry about the best gear or min/max character bulds; they just log in to play/chat with friends and play.

This is true for most MMOs, as studies done by MMO developers show only about 10% of the actual playerbase ever really visit/read official forums in general; and a very small subset of that 10% account for most of the posting activity on MMO forums.
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