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Re: "The Voyager Conspiracy" Line by Line

SEVEN: I've analyzed the hull geometry and warp signature. It was one of the same ships that were pursuing Chakotay and his crew in the region known as the Badlands. It was pulled into the Delta quadrant by the Caretaker during that engagement. According to Federation records that same Cardassian warship was found destroyed in the Badlands. The investigation revealed that it was attacked by the Maquis. I believe that for some unknown reason the Caretaker had sent this ship back to the Alpha quadrant and that Commander Chakotay attacked the vessel before it could reach its destination. He downloaded its computer core and discovered the presence of the Caretaker's array. He realized that the array could be used by the Maquis as a weapon, to launch surprise attacks against Cardassian and Starfleet vessels.
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