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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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I've finished Rise Like Lions as well as my latest non-Trek book (which I'm not sure how I feel about, even now) and I'm not quite sure what to start on next. Surprisingly, I didn't get any books for Christmas. I may pull out one of Banks' Culture novels or a Discworld, and reread it.
What was the non-Trek book?
The Athenian Murders, by Josť Somoza. A friend enjoyed it and gave it to me to read. I can't decide whether it was clever or trying to be too clever and overshot the mark. The annoying thing was that I couldn't really enjoy it because I was always unsure whether the disconcerting reactions I was having were the intent of the author, and so a sign of quality, or a failing on his part. I often had to wait until later points in the book to find out whether I was "supposed" to feel as I did, and so while a lot of it was quite clever, I'm not sure if it really did the book any favours. It became a book I had to decipher rather than enjoy, and that's fine if the book's really, really good, but while this one was clever enough I'm not sure it was quite that good, not enough to leave me fully satisfied when I'd finished.
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