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So instead of arguing the point, you ignore it? You still haven't shown how it was dumbed down for the masses, despite the fact that you INSIST it was.

And going by this list:

In the top ten of the highest grossing films of all time, I count...two...popcorn action flicks, and that is if you include Avatar in that category of film.

Your argument isn't based in reality. Sorry.
Really The Castellan has a good point. Mindless, generic "popcorn" movies do well. JJ's Star Trek was meant for the masses that aren't serious fans of Trek and in that regard it did very well. However, to many of the serious Trek fans this movie was an utter abomination and in that regard it was a failure. I've never watched it and never will, just seeing the promos made me think "Yuck!". I won't however disregard it's success on a general level, I just keep in mind that it's really not a Trek movie in the true sense of the term.
That's what I mean, Servo. Kosh pretty much found the words I was looking for. For a dedicated, serious Trek fan, this was not a Trek film....just an action popcorn flick with "Star Trek" slapped onto it to sell a cookie cutter product. Just because it did well with the masses, does not mean it's a success, not for dedicated Trek fans like Kosh and myself.
I only watched it because, as I mentioned in an earlier post, and possibly in a different thread, because some guy I knew who was working with the filmmakers to help make the DVD showed me an unfinished copy, with just the film and not special features (though the options screen was there, it would do nothing if you highlighted 'extras' and hit play), about a week or so before the film hit the theaters. I was not too keen to see it, but it would have been the height of rudeness to refuse the offer, especially since he got the disk personally for me to watch. And what I saw was, as Kosh said, not a Trek movie in the true sense of the term.

Another example of a film not being what it was said to be are these: The Fourth Kind and 2012. As a Ufologist and paranormal investigator, The Fouth Kind was HIGHLY exaggerated regarding UFO's and alien abduction, same goes for 2012, since as I studied so much material, it too, is no where even close to what study shows. Both these films were merely made to make money off legitimate topics to an audience who either never even heard of the topics, or using cheesy, b movies as reference.

And at least with Avatar, there was some thought in the story shown....not much, but more than what JJ Trek had.
To me, JJ Trek is no different than then hundreds of generic science fiction action films being pumped out back in the early 1980's, just this one having a much larger budget.

So, Kosh pretty much said a good deal.

To YOU, and Kosh, fine it wasn't a real Trek film. But there are lots of other SERIOUS Trek fans, myself included, who thought it was perfectly in line with what we have seen before, and even shockingly, improved upon some aspects.

Comparing it to 2012 and The Fourth Kind is comparing apples and oranges. 2012 used the supposed 2012 Mayan legend as an excuse for Roland Emmerich to blow some stuff up. You could removed the 2 or 3 Mayan references in that movie, and still have the exact same film. As for The Fourth Kind, it took some police reports and supposed UFO incidents, and blew them up to such a point where it it really had nothing to do with the actual event it was supposedly based of off. However both of these films are based off of things, that in some manner, exist in reality, whether it just be hearsay, or legend.

Star Trek is a COMPLETELY FICTIONAL work. Therefore, JJ had no need to go upon what was seen before. There was no historical record he had to base it off of. He wasn't twisting an actual incident. He took a franchise that was DEAD, trimmed off a shitload of fat called canon, recast some iconic roles, and repackaged the whole thing in a manner that was accessible to a worldwide audience, not just a small group of hardcore fans, while keeping the fun and spirit of TOS intact.

And as a hardcore Trek fan, I thank him for it, and hope we get a lot more like it in the future.
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