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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

I finished Paths of Disharmony last night. As a huge fan of the Andorians, and as someone who found their storyline in the DS9R really interesting, I really enjoyed the story. I actually went into this already knowing the big event in the end of the book, but I didn't know what exactly lead up to the event, or what it's aftermath was, so I was still able to get alot of enjoyment out of that part of the story. Reading this I couldn't help but think of current events, with the riots and protest in the books, and then all of the stuff going on in New York other cities over the past few months. My rating: 9/10.
Right now I'm working on the Star Wars graphic novel Mara Jade: By The Emperor's Hand, and the last two stories of Vanguard: Declassified. I should be done with By the Emperor's Hand by the end of tonight most likely, and then I'll work on finishing up A Game of Thrones.
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