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Seeing as how this one got dumbed down to appeal to the Joe sixpack crowds, by making Trek into a mindless popcorn action flick, I would not call it a success. To me, success is more of attitude rather than aptitude. Like if a guy sells out in order to make it big, I'd not call him a winner, I'd call him a loser. And with Trek being dumbed down to appeal to the mass mainstream folks who watch Jersey Shore, Dancing with the Stars, TMZ and other rubbish, I don't exactly call that a success....just sanitized, sterilized, pasturized and homogenized to make ole' Joe Sixpack and Plain Jane happy.
If it was that dumbed down, how was it one of the best reviewed films of the year? This wasn't Transformers, where critics thought it was shit, but it made $500 million dollars. Those people, who you know, have studied film, and review it for a living, loved it. Or are they all just Joe Sixpack now, and YOU know something they all don't about film?
I don't read/watch film reviews.

Plus seeing as how popcorn action flicks are what masses watch, it's a no brainer.
So instead of arguing the point, you ignore it? You still haven't shown how it was dumbed down for the masses, despite the fact that you INSIST it was.

And going by this list:

In the top ten of the highest grossing films of all time, I count...two...popcorn action flicks, and that is if you include Avatar in that category of film.

Your argument isn't based in reality. Sorry.
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