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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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I think the one I have a problem with is Unimatrix Zero Part 1...
The new looking cube is talked up to be a "Tactical cube" (why they'd need one of them is debatable but...there it is) and then Voyager dances around it and gets its shields down by making the Delta Flyer explode slightly near to it, or whatever their plan was.
Then Kim calls out that they have lost a Nacelle then in the NEXT effects shot the nacelle is shown to take damage (seriously, someone dropped the ball there, switched the FX around or something) and despite that they somehow jump to warp on one nacelle, something that's never been possible in Trek before that...

Yeah, then the whole "assimilation is mind-rape, its the worst thing that can ever happen to you, but we're going to voluntarily choose to do it for a laugh then forget all about it next week" thing was taking the pee a bit too.
Also the Vulcan, the one with the strongest mental discipline of the lot of them, is the one that is overwhelmed....what?
Agreed 100%
I love Borg episodes but Unimatrix Zero was one Borg story too many too much. Too know the Queen didn't have full control and full knowledge completely destroyed the whole concept of them being of one mind. The Borg Civil Wars idea is stupid. Voyager left those drones to die. Who's going to be there to give them medical care when their bodies start to reject the Borg implants? Plus, as we saw with Seven. If their nanoprobes aren't suppressed, they'll just reassimilate all of them. Nobody in the crew remembers that Seven gets wacko when she gets near anything with a Borg signal?

...and yes, Voyager could barely escape a regular Cube. A Tactical Cube should have torn it to shreds. My issues is, why nobody turned to Seven to ask "If that's a Tactical Cube., then what the Hell is the function of the regular ones???"
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