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Re: American Horror Story Discussion (Spoilers)

It wasn't a complete story because they didn't address the elements that tore the family apart - Ben's infidelity and lies, not to mention Violet's betrayal of her mother by lying and getting her thrown into a looney bin. That family still has plenty of issues to work through, and their story is not over. The writers ran out of time to tell their story, which is not the same thing as bringing the story to a conclusion.

And there was more sloppiness like that all over the place - Nora's whole thing as a character was wanting a baby. Yet when she gets one, she doesn't care. Why? Because the story was over and the writers didn't want to deal with it.

A coherent story has an ending that relates to the beginning in some significant and worthwhile way. This wasn't a story, it was just a sequence of events.
The family was broken, and they moved to Los Angeles to try and repair it. And they did.
They did, because of writer fiat, that's all, and that's not nearly enough for it to be a story, unless you define a story of any sequence of events whatsoever. For the writers to just tell us "and they lived happily ever after" is not the same as showing us, and convincing us, by actually providing a plotline that does that.

This is just a retread of what George Lucas did with the PT. He wanted to tell a story, and I know what story he wanted to tell. But he didn't succeed. The story wasn't actually there. I'm not willing to accept any sequence of events as a story, because it does a disservice to the actual talented writers who are capable of telling a coherent and worthwhile story. I can tell the difference between a worthwhile story and lazy crap.
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