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Re: Star Ship AJAX Production

Again I apologize, once for the comments and again for apparently not making my self clear enough. I'll try again.

Contact me personally. Do not post it here.

Now, if I bring some good news can we get this thread back on topic.

Scott and I finally FINISHED what we have termed "The Build", that is the main structure of the bridge. We do still have a few more of the curved pieces of luan to glue into frames but it's been to cold for the glue and the frames are mounted in place giving us a complete 360 degree structure from top to bottom.

We are actually passed the figuring angles and buildings sections to fit and into what we're starting to call "Detailing", which is paint, frames around screens, control panels, view screens... all the cool stuff. Yea.

This upcoming week is looking to be unseasonably warm which means, PAINTING, were actually going to join the Starfleet ranks with a painted bridge and get rid of the "Bare Wood" look. I'm sure it will look much more intimidating to you Romulans and Klingons.

And after that comes miles and miles of wire and thousands and thousands of lights. Well, maybe hundreds and hundreds but a whole bunch.

So the team at Three Stooges Shipyard may yet complete our first Starship and set out on our first mission very soon.
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