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Re: Star Ship AJAX Production


It's Christmas Day (day after actually) and I finally get online to see that in spite of my words as in:

I don't want this discussion of the troubles to be continued. I really want it to end here and now. Thanks for understanding.
that this has continued on.

It. Ends. Here. Now. I don't give a flying you-know-what about who is right and who is wrong; it is *not* our business here to mediate or spectate when it comes to this dispute.

Our business is to discuss or critique the fan films or creations, not to get involved in politics.

Any comments hereafter that get into the issues will be warned, as I did for one poster who ignored what I asked you guys to not do.

And in future, mind what you post. I'm not thrilled with requests to delete posts or threads because people can't control what emerges from their keyboards. I shouldn't have to mop up after people and it's triple annoying to me on Christmas Day.

BTW - I'm not deleting posters either. Don't ask. Use self control in posting, and if anyone leaves because of this mess, just leave. Don't ask me to close an account, delete your posts or whatever. Scramble your damn password and just go.
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