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Re: Why are the TOS movies better then the TNG movies?


I won't say ANY of the ST movies I watched suck. Won't do it, because they all did have redeeming qualities.

TMP: Return to what we like to see. We see that Captain Kirk is infallible after all, and the obsession with his ship is still left over from TOS. Interesting storyline between Decker (another throwback to TOS 'Doomsday Machine' and Illia. We see McCoy essentially unchanged, and Spock who tries to be fully logical, can't do it, because that's not all what he is. Only thing I really didn't like was the plot twist of 'Voyager VI -V'ger' (By the way, interesting that the TOS movies were six movies; weird coincidence) Grade: B

TWOK: One of my favorites of the series. We see Kirk getting older, Kobiashi Maru, return of Khan. Genesis device is an interesting thing to base the story on, as well as the discovery that Kirk has a son. Great action sequences, lots of drama, humor. Shatner in particular does some of his best Kirk here. Some parts of the movie were hokey when they shouldn't have been, such as the death scene of Scotty's nephew (which was made up Scotty afterward, saying how proud he was of his nephew that he never left his post). Spock's death scene was well done. Grade: B+

TSFS: I got to admit, it seemed like this movie was made to allow Spock back into the franchise. Why the hell would Kirk shoot his body onto a planet without consulting Starfleet or the planet Vulcan? I still like it, how McCoy endured having two minds, Kirk choosing to hijack a ship, Christopher Lloyd as a Klingon, Kirk's son dying, it was all pretty good. Seeing the Enterprise destroyed achieved its desired effect. It was pretty well done. Grade: B

TVH: Most popular movie in the series. Has a kids feel, very non-violent, more along the lines of a classical science fiction tale. Good acting all around. Not my particular favorite, but hey, good movie. Well... the whole 'alien ship talking to whales thing' was a bit hokey, but hey, this is Star Trek, and hokey is just part of the game. Grade: B

TFF: Well... I can say I can see why a lot of people dislike this movie. It's not my particular favorite. But, it does have redeeming qualities...Barely. Sybok is Spock's half-brother. OK, cool. They are on an adventure to meet God.... OK. At least the story has an element of sense. Uhura dancing in the desert? Horseback riding? The humor in this movie wasn't very good. But again, there were some good elements, such as Uhura wanting to get in Scotty's pants (that was fairly humorous), and Sybok exploring the 'Threes' pain, especially for McCoy, who gave euthanasia to his father. But these are merely flyspecks on an otherwise VERY mediocre movie. And that's being polite. Grade: C

TUC: This movie felt... different. I thought it was pretty well done and a good way to send out the TOS crew. Great storyline, showing Kirk's continued hatred for Klingons. We see Spock inflict torture on someone (on a fellow Vulcan, no less) Good pacing, good movie. Grade: B+

I've only watched 'Generations' and First Contact with the TNG series, they were pretty good. Didn't like the Borg Queen thing, but I suppose they had to do something different with the Borg. They were OK.
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