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Re: Racist Vulcans

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Usually, a cold logical analysis evokes anger. Just try discussing with Christopher Bennett while having a different opinion than he has. He will academically beat you up and you will get so angry that he is right.
Such an assumption is--for lack of a better word--illogical.

See, having a "reasoned tone" hardly corresponds with "academically beating you up". It often means mere clever demagoguery, complete with projecting the attitude that "you're an idiot if you don't agree." In a word, "smugness".

That's the attitude Solok expressed--the facts of his argument were of no consequence, so long as he said the audacious things he did (to the effect that Vulcans are, in effect, a Master Race) with a tone of, "and if you disagree with me, than you, sir, are decidedly lacking in logical reasoning."
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