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Little help identifying a star trek game

I've been trying to find a star trek game I used to play as a kid in the mid 1990's. It was a shareware game that came on a disk with 100 other games. The disk was in German (Spiele 101) but the games themselves were english. I have look on the internet at many locations but have not been able to identify or find it.
I was a star trek game played on Windows 3.1. It was a turn based game using a enterprise like star ship. The map was laid out as hexagons. The first three missions were free but the last three needed to be unlocked by registering. Same was true with available options. The first mission was against 5 suicide drones. The second mission was against 15 suicide drones. The third was against four klingon freighters leaving planet Trogel(?) and you had to destroy them or just their cargo. The four or later mission was against a Bird of prey that would cloak and the last I believe was against romulans.
Thanks for any possible help or suggestions,
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