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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

I would start with Dis-Assembled, as where that's where the current Brian Michael Bendis era starts.

Honestly, I'd lead off and go into Civil War off in this order...

Avengers: Dis-Assembled!
Secret War
Young Avengers: Sidekicks*
Captain America:Winter Soldier 1&2*
New Avengers vol 1: Breakout
New Avengers vol 2: Sentry
Young Avengers: Family Matters*
New Avengers vol 3: Secrets and Lies
House of M
Captain America: Red Menace 1&2*
New Avengers vol 4: The Collective
Civil War**

* Not required but HIGHLY recommended.
**Would you be interested in the myriad tie-ins or just the main story?

There are probably others that other posters might recommend, but this is limited to what I own.

Get back to us once you get this far, and we can go into post CW reading order.
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