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Re: THOR: Grading, Discussion, Review **SPOILERS***

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Jon Favreau wasn't considered a top talent in any sense when they chose him to direct Iron Man; he'd directed three movies, only one of which (Elf) had been any kind of success (though it was a big one), and that was in a completely unrelated genre. And, frankly, his one film post-Iron Man didn't set the world on fire. Branagh certainly has never worked on this scale before; neither has Whedon, despite being a big name in SF/F circles.
Oh, I guess I was overestimating Favreau and Brannagh's popularity prior to their work for Marvel.
I don't know much about Taylor, but they picked a promising TV director with experience in the sort of medieval fantasy genre that Thor has a lot to do with (based solely on his resume, he's more suited for the film than Jenkins; but obviously, as Favreau and Branagh indicate, that doesn't necessarily mean anything). There's plenty of talent in Hollywood waiting for a crack at directing a major picture.
Oh, I have no problem with Taylor, in fact I am now even more certain that the movie will be at least as good as the first one than I was when Jenkins was involved. Not to say I doubted Jenkins abilities, I'm just more confident in Taylor's based on his resume. Jenkins is pretty much an unknown to me, while I have seen at least some fairly lengthy clips, if not dozens of episodes, from alot of the stuff that Taylor has been involved with.
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