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I caught that just in time. Thank you for making us aware. I assure you it wasn't me making those post. I the future please contact me directly if things like that pop up anywhere else.
Since Chris Dalton is not answering his phone after my repeated attempts trying to reach him yesterday evening and today, I am compelled to say this in disapproval of what happened....

The post in question that Richard is referring to ( after talking to Richard by phone late last night ) was posted by Chris Dalton. (Expo67 / Proteus / Helios ) I do not condone anyone pretending to be someone else in forums, let alone do it as a cover to stir up trouble. Let people say their peace in their own way weather it be to singe those they feel deserve it or allowing them to choose to say nothing out of respect for the recipient. Richard due to this was put in a bad spot since what was voiced in the attack post on Kail's Farragut comic is not Richard's views. And I knew this from talking on the phone with him that he is mortified that he would be seen as making such views he saw fit to not post let alone have himself. Chris a few days ago called me after a long break in associating with me and mentioned he posted exactly what was said in the post. but he did not mention it was him posing as someone else on the Ajax team which I STRONGLY CONDEMN. About 2 years ago I had Dan Cook (USS Intrepid, Captain Hunter, Nick Cook ) make the request that since i seemed to have some influence on Chris that i try to work wit him to break him of his harassment of Dennis, Cook, and others elsewhere. I was and am happy to oblige and have spent many hours over the phone and in messages with him one on one in the effort to put a stop to this. I did anything I could to try to make him understand that he had to get a handle on his temper and quit being a bull in a china shop. Evidently I failed somewhere despite my best efforts to spare others that grief and stalking from Chris.

Even though I support people to say what they please if their conscious leads them to no matter how gentle or harsh, it should be them saying that themselves and not someone LYING pretending to be them and destroying their ability to manage their image and name in the community. I knew he was perma-banned here and else where and I knew from our phone conversations that he was avoiding mentioning that to me. ( I hoped in time he would come clean with me on this. ) But I would have never imagined that he would would outright lie by pretending to be someone else writing an attack piece. Let Richard Wells and others speak for themselves. I know I personally don't want anyone speaking for me behind my back using my name under false pretenses. I am perfectly able to be the diplomat or singe anyone's ass if I felt the necessity has come to that. And i think others should be allowed the respect and dignity of not having others unknowingly put words in their mouth ( or keyboard they did not say. ) And Chris...if by chance you are lurking and reading reading my post here...I don't need to be defended behind my back THANK YOU! I'm perfectly capable of handling the job myself if I so desire which at this point I could care less. And if I catch you speaking on my behalf posing as me ever, you are going to find that i will be another one who will be fighting with you. And you know what i am capable of. I've had enough grief in dealing with you. I resent the time I heavily invested in you has amounted to nothing. And it is nothing if those who asked me to intervene are still getting grief from you. And that reflects bad on me by guilt of association despite my best efforts. And I deeply resent that and am Livid over it. If Richard wants to say something, let them do it. He doesn't need someone cutting his throught for him without him even being aware of it about it. He doesn't need the grief. No one does...NOT EVEN KAIL whose site you chose to do this on. He is an outsider and does not need or want to be dragged into this. I am sure he does not appreciate the black eye you just dealt him and Richard over this....

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