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Re: THOR: Grading, Discussion, Review **SPOILERS***

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^ That's a little harsh in my opinion...she is entitled to express whatever opinions she has as long as she full fills the terms of her contract. Also I'm assuming Marvel Studios could release her from her contract and find someone else if they so desire. I'm assuming Nat was just expressing her opinion.
What was harsh? I said that if she dropped out of the movie which she's contractually bound to do, she'd be sued. That's the law of contract for you for you. I didn't say anything about her right of expression. Marvel could indeed release her from the contract; equally, they could decide not to and to sue her for breach of contract. And they'd be legally entitled to do so.

A new director has been found.

Personally I'm a little concerned about "Thor 2". Kind of wish Kenneth remained, and surprised Marvel Studios didn't go for more high profile ones since they like to try and attract top talent. This just reaffirms my belief that they need to start treading carefully with their control over their products. Just because things are going well right now and leading into "Avengers" doesn't mean they shouldn't keep the eye on the ball afterwards as well. They could very well start driving away the very talent they want to attract.
I wish Branagh had stayed on too. However, I get the impression he wanted to do a blockbuster and thus did Thor. Having done it, he clearly felt been there done that and didn't want to return. I don't think it was an Ed Norton-type situation.

Taylor isn't a household name; I hadn't heard of him but I had heard of some of the movies and tv shows he's made. Palookaville is a very under-rated little movie and the likes of Oz, Boardwalk and Game of Thrones speak for themselves, quality-wise. So I'm happy enough to give him a chance.
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