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Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

Here is a new petition to sign for all who want to get Janeway back to Trek universe a member of our Bring back Janeway Facebook group had started yesterday.

It will send an email to Pocket Books Publicity as well as Simon & Schuster's Publicity email addresses with every signature. And, if I can find individual emails to send copies of the signatures to CBS and to the individuals named on the letter writing campaign page I can add those in as well. If people start to sign the petition here, it will send emails to the TPTB and make a little noise in support of KJ.
You have to fill in a really small form completely, but it works too if you add e.g. "sorry, my secret" instead of the address if you don't want to share it there.
But it shouldn't contain only nonsense, because Pocket Books gets a notification email about every signing in to our petition and then it won't be taken seriously.

Every Janeway fan is very welcome to join our Facebook group Bring Back Kathryn Janeway.
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