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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

Kirsten, thanks for recounting that. I'm sure you tire of retelling the story. You are very kind to your fans.

It is interesting to me that Beyer was told Janeway was to be killed in BD and at that time, no one other than Peter David seemed to know of his surprise twist of an ending with the Q. He had told me that in his original draft of Imzadi II, Riker and Troi were married at the end but his editor changed this saying he/she didn't approve of the marriage and the franchise didn't want the 2 getting married, only to marry them later in Nemesis. So the ending of imzadi II was changed; PD disagreed but did as directed. If the editors can have the writers change endings and had a record of doing so, why didn't Margaret Clark have the part where Q takes Janeway taken out, leaving the death permanent and unchangable. If the franchise was set on her dying, why allow PD to potentially throw a wrench in it?
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