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Re: Does It Get Better???

Interesting points about the Kazon. I have found it odd that Voyager continues to encounter them despite the fact that they are headed home. Unless the Kazon want to go home with them?

Since it's Christmas Eve I decided to watch the Polar Express. But, afterwards I just couldn't help myself, so I watched another episode of Voyager.

Deadlock: A solid parallel universe episode with some exciting and also genuinely sad moments; the death of Kim at the beginning, the death of the baby, seeing Voyager torn apart, seeing the Vidiians sweep through the other Voyager and take down everyone in their path, the self destruction of the other Voyager.
All in all a solid episode, although not exceptional. It felt a little too much like a reset button episode since Kim and the baby didn't really die, and by the end of the episode the damaged Voyager was back in tip top shape as if nothing had happened. Not a major complaint, but worth noting.
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