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Re: Does It Get Better???

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What did fans think about the Kazon arc at the time? Was it unpopular? If so, is it still unpopular? If that's the case, then I am in the minority on this one.
Many fans felt two seasons in Kazon space was too long.
It brought too many questions about how such a race could claim territory over so much space. Due to it you'll notice in future episodes Voyager doesn't spend as much time fleshing out many of the other aliens species you meet......except if they're nomadic(Hirogen) or conquers(Borg), who would be found roaming outside their space.

My personal issues with the Kazon was, they weren't violent enough. For a species that was so supposedly disgruntled, in two seasons they never killed one Voyager crewmen. Not one. For a group that wanted Voyager so badly, why not just start killing off the crew at each encounter? Fans compare the Kazon to Klingons but Klingons would have murdered off the crew. The Kazon didn't work because they failed to prove they were an actual threat.
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