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Having read the whole story...

Yeah, I think Archer was a bit of a jerk, especially since he only perked up when it turned out the deceased was going to be on the news and therefore he'd look really bad if Shapiro found out that way and not from his captain. But as I said in my reply to Sandoval, my personal opinion is that kind of immature behavior is par for the course for him, and nothing I would consider a detractor from the story. You were simply faithful to his faults.

As to the story I thought I knew a lot about Jewish culture, but I definitely think I learned some new things from that story. Out of curiosity, I saw that Rabbi Bensen was a woman. Is she Reform? Or do you think other denominations (sorry if that's the wrong word) started admitting women as rabbis by the 22nd century?

As soon as I saw the difficulty in getting a minyan together, I was wondering if they were going to have some people linked in via subspace. Is that something that's currently done in the US military? Just curious.

Now why do I have an image of York Peppermint Patties standing in as the gelt? That might've kept prying hands off that latke...

Another nice touch...that the Arab crewmember was willing to join in and nobody rejected him. Seems to me that some long-standing conflicts must have calmed by the 22nd century, though I won't dare ask how, since if you had figured out a solution I'm sure you'd be on a plane right now to give it to the negotiators!

I'm impressed that T'Pol managed to keep her big trap shut about one night's worth of oil burning for eight days. She can be such a buzzkill over the pettiest of things that I'm amazed she managed to restrain herself. I'm curious...what (besides author's privilege) kept her quiet?
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