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This bit in particular makes 'Jonathan' sound like an extremely unsympathetic, petulant child.

One of his crew's relatives has just passed away and when faced with the task of conveying this information, he whines "Can't someone else do it" like a whinging teenager.

The "Oh well, that's unfortunate" doesn't exactly come across as the most pleasant sentiment to come from the mouth a heroic, statesmanlike Starfleet captain either.
At least to me, that's how Archer acted onscreen...especially in "A Night in Sickbay." To me, petulance is actually a perfect word I'd use to describe Archer. So I don't think this is a minus as far as accurate characterization is concerned--I think it's a plus for jespah, because that's a perfect example of the kind of immature stunt Archer would've pulled on ENT.
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