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I'm lazy, so I'll repost my review from another place. But now we could discuss it farther

It started from a sad event, but in the end the story left a positive and optimistic feeling in me And I literally laughed out loud at Archer's "Not a word to Starfleet."

In TOS we saw that religion was still present in the future (the chapel on the Enterprise sends such a message), so no surprise other religions and culture are also celebrated. It seems that in Picard times it wasn't as spread--or shown in the show.

It was nice to see that friends could join and help in celebration--help in making the celebration happen. I especially liked Azar presence here; not only that he came, but also that it was not an issue and seemed nothing special. I hope some day something like this really wouldn't cause any reaction and be a natural thing to do. It would be proof that humanity really advanced and left behind all conflicts and can finally be one

A lovely story about celebration and holding to traditions And friendship
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